What The Flop 20 Feb 2017.

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What The Flop 20 Feb 2017.At a time when as all eyes are on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to see if his government will announce the election date, the head of government on Sunday flew to Siraha to inaugurate a weeklong Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapuraan, a religious function. Dahal reached there amidst a busy schedule of a series of negotiations with various political parties.

Dahal, who had announced immediately after assuming office not to waste his time and resources in cutting ribbons [inaugural functions], has been widely criticized for keeping him busy in similar activities.

A radical Maoist leader, Dahal during his speech at Sunday’s inaugural function explained the importance of various religious scriptures including the Mahabharats at length. “Those who don’t know about the role of two major characters of the Mahabharata – Krishna and Arjun – can’t understand the current politics and those who don’t understand the Mahabharata also can’t comprehend politics,” he said. “They can’t lead politics, diplomacy or revolutions properly.”

He also compared himself with Emperor Ashoka. “As a leader who led the ten-year-long war and then a peace process, I feel like being Ashoka,” he said.

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